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Lina Tridenti

97 year old Lina Tridenti came from a family in Vicenza in north eastern Italy. Her elder brother went to war on the Eastern Front, as part of Mussolini’s show of support for Hitler.


When her brother returned home on leave he was changed forever. “He told us they were just murdering people indiscriminately. All he had seen was cruel and pointless death. He had witnessed evil and would not return.”

Tridenti’s brother hid from the military and one day sent for his younger sister and before long Lina became the adjutant to the commander of the Ortigara Division of the Green Flames.

Unlike the communists, the Green Flames were inundated with weapons and supplies which they hid in a cave outside the city. “We would meet in a school which seemed a safe thing to do. But we had so many weapons we could not store it all. I went to the communists and they began greeting the parachute drops and distributing the supplies.

After the war, the communists threatened to shoot me. I don’t recall why.

“My parents agreed to let me join the partisans and so I just disappeared to fight the war. Eventually we were caught and our group collapsed. The communists took over.” After the war, she sighs, “The communists threatened to shoot me. I don’t recall why.”

Tridenti’s future husband was captured and interned by the Germans for the war. She does not want to talk about it. Instead, she offers sweet Sicilian fruit and sweets. Her daughters propose a toast. Prosecco flows.