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INKA Bernášková

A Czech journalist and resistance fighter, Inka Bernášková became the first woman in the country to be executed by the Germans.


After the Germans occupied the country, Bernášková helped her father with the production and distribution of an underground newspaper, V boj (“Into Combat”). It was not long before she was hunted by the Gestapo, but for a while she was successful in evading capture. 

Her luck ran out on 21 September 1940 when she was caught with false papers in Prague. During her interrogation she tried to protect others in the resistance by claiming she acted alone. While she was successful in protecting some, several members of her family were arrested. Her husband died in the Buchenwald concentration camp, while her father died in Dachau. In August 1942 Inka Bernášková was guillotined at a prison in Berlin.