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Resistance to Nazism and fascism came in many different forms. Some, as has been glamourised in post-war films, came through armed resistance, espionage and sabotage. But there were many other forms of resistance too. There were the underground publications, the industrial action and public protests, and even everyday disobedience and defiance to Nazi and fascist occupation. There were the brave people who risked everything to hide and protect neighbours and strangers alike. And there were even those who resisted just by living and morally defying the Nazis, often in the most extreme circumstances imaginable. Heroes of the Resistance celebrates all these forms of resistance.

Heroes of the Resistance is a project of the HOPE not hate Charitable Trust.  We celebrate in order to remember – to remind ourselves of the very worst that humanity can offer, but also the very best. 

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Heroes of the Resistance has been made possible thanks to the hard work and dedication of our team and supporters. We would particularly like to credit the following people:


David Lawrence

Nick Lowles

Matthew Collins

Simon Murdoch


Andy Vine


Chris Clarke

Gregory Davis

Chris Fairley

Patrik Hermansson

Owen Jones

Safya Khan-Ruf

Jemma Levene

Joe Mulhall

Nick Ryan

Liron Velleman


Matthew McGregor

Joe Cox

89 UP

Jake Pace Lawrie was the video and podcast producer for this series.


Qari Asim MBE, Chair of Mosques & Imams National Advisory Board and Trustee at HOPE not hate Charitable Trust

Harvey Belovski, Chief Rabbi at Golders Green Synagogue, Chief Strategist and Rabbinic Head at University Jewish Chaplaincy, and Trustee at HOPE not hate Charitable Trust

Josh Bradlow, Head of Policy at Stonewall

Olivia Marks-Woldman, Chief Executive of Holocaust Memorial Day Trust

Clare Mulley, Author of The Spy Who Loved, The Woman Who Saved the Children, and The Women Who Flew for Hitler

Anthony Silkoff, Interfaith and Social Action Officer at the Board of Deputies of British Jews

Carlo Gianuzzi, National Association of Italy’s Partisans (ANPI)


We would like to thank the staff at the Imperial War Museum and Getty Images for allowing us access to photographs and wartime footage.


We created a list of some of the books, films and online resources that have been helpful in putting together this project, which you can review here.